Yet another large Nordic player has chosen Kelin Kraft as their partner in Denmark.

After recently having entered into at long-term agreement with Nordic Green Energy (part of Troms), Kelin has also signed a long term agreement with European Energy Group, owner of Swekraft, Finkraft and Oslokraft.

Both companies are establishing entities in Denmark and becoming players on the Danish electricity market. And both parties have chosen Kelin’s newest platform Kelin KIT.

Earlier, Kelin exclusively offered that you could outsource all or part of your Back Office to us and that we naturally continue to offer to actors in the Danish and Nordic Electricity and Gas markets, but in connection with The Wholesale model’s introduction (Engros modellen or DATAHUB mark 2.) in Denmark on April 1st, Kelin can now also offer another “whole package” solution which also includes Front-Office functions for power suppliers, where we have based the platform on the electricity supplier’s customer service employee and his daily work . The platform meets all customer service employees’ needs, in addition to being able to handle all EDI traffic between the supplier and data hub / market. We also offer End-customer services.

The cloud-based IT platform is in use today by several operators in Denmark.

Here we have particularly focused on timesaving’s on the treatment of customer data and customer inquiries, with many automated functions, answer emails, administrative processes and energy calculations – all done automatically by our system. And it’s many search functions, as well as the facilitation of demands in itself simplifies the need for the employee’s knowledge of the electricity market. And not least ensures the safety of proper billing.

The system can even read incoming mails and propose answers. So that with our new platform the customer service employee can, at least service double if not triple or more the number of customers who daily can be handled. Contact us for more information.


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