Kelin is now responsible for handling and processing data for over 25% of natural gas consumption in Denmark. And we are rather proud of that!

Our most important task is to ensure that data, including consumption and billing data, runs smoothly for the well-known market players. We may not be so well known in the public eye, but Kelin has increasingly handled these tasks in Denmark, Norway and Sweden since 1997.

Kelin Kraft Norge

Kelin Kraft AS
c/o Dataplan Stokkamyrv 18A
N-4306 Sandnes

Kelin Kraft Sverige

Kelin Kraft AS Filial Sverige
Varlabergsvägen 29
SE- 434 39 Kungsbacka

Kelin Kraft Danmark

Kelin Kraft AS Filial Danmark
Høffdingsvej  34
DK-2500 Valby